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For a variety of reasons we may not be able to stock and sell the very best known to us. Even so, we will list the item here as though we could, then provide you with a link to where you can buy it. If you see a price of “$0.00,” look for a link in the product description area. (Ideally we will have a commission agreement with the company we send you to, but we will send you there anyway, regardless of compensation.)


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Even though this is the simplest, most reliable shopping cart programs that we know of, “Murphy’s Law” is very active in the world of online shopping carts. (“Anything that can go wrong, will.”) This system is equipped with a built-in “Chat” utility for getting instant assistance when it is being monitored. If not, please feel free to call 1-800-207-4365 anytime, 24/7.  Your good health is of critical importance, and you should not have to wait for answers.

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Redmond Clay

Redmond Clay

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